Think Before You Drive or Ride -  An alcohol awareness presentation by Justin A. Randall, Jr.
       You may wonder how work so effectively as a person who has been disabled by injuries caused by drinking and driving. Despite my physical condition, I have sound cognitive ability. And, I am fortunate to has a capable assistant and supportive family and staff. My outlook on life is also a plus.
       My assistant says I have "an engaging personality." What she really means is I'm likable and I have a great sense of humor! With her help, my care staffs' assistance, and the help from my Circle of Support, I bring my story to audiences. I like being with people. 
      When a presentation is finished, I come away from the event knowing I've made a difference in people's lives. When a high school student walked away from my presentation one day saying, "Wow, he was just like me!" I knew I'd made a positive impact and had to do more. When adult thanks me for sharing what is a difficult story to tell, I know my efforts are appreciated. A lady once thanked me the second tie she she me, sharing that after the first time she saw my program, was the last time she ever took a drink. For her, my story gave her the courage to begin her sobriety.
         My hosts include: businesses and agencies for training events; STOP-DWI Victim Impact Panels; Impaired Driving Programs; school classes for health, drivers' education - traditional school year and summer classes, pre-prom programs, crash re-enactments, SADD events, general assemblies; youth organizations, and At- Risk-Youth-Programs; vocational schools and colleges for human services classes, occupational, physical, and speech therapy classes, social work classes, nursing, and criminal justice programs. The presentation can be easily adapted to focus on advocacy, disability, personal respect, and self-determination. I am always open to considering any theme request for presenting.

                  In Loving Memory of

         Michael "Max Szsemplenski",
     our dear friend and Director of The            Best Center's Impaired Driving 
      Program at Geneses Community       College, Batavia, NY. These candles
   will burn for 2018. We will miss Max's      energy and devotion to sharing the   need for responsible decision making and his sincerity in dealing with people
       regardless of their circumstance. 


                           New Friends from Old Places

Here I am with Dan Dickens, health teacher at Caledonia=Mumford HS. I appreciate the opportunities Dan has given me to talk with his students and his friendship.

     Justin with 
Dan Dickens, health teacher and coach at Caledonia-Mumford High School 2013.



                    Is there a charge for Justin to present? 
   No. Justin does not charge his audiences. However, he does accept donations that help him pay costs that are not covered by his fiscal plan. Without donations, he must cover these costs from his own limited funds. Justin does not base acceptance of invitations on the host's ability to donate. Please be guided by your circumstance.

If you wish to visit one of the host locations to preview a presentation, please call the host in advance to ask if your attendance is possible.

Friday, July 6 Perry High School 
Drivers' Education Class 8:30 am
Watkins Ave. Perry, NY

Tuesday, July 17 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Program 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Wednesday, July 18 Steuben Co. STOP-DWI
Victim Impact Panel 7 pm
7007 Rumsey St. Ext. Bath, NY

Tuesday, September 4 THe Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Program 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Wednesday, September 19 Steuben Co. STOP-DWI
Victim Impact Panel 7 pm
7007 Rumsey St. Ext. Bath, NY

Tuesday, October 23 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Tuesday, November 11 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY


Wednesday, January 9 Monroe Co. STOP-DWI
Monroe Community College 7 pm
1001 E. Hnrietta Rd. Rochester, NY

Tuesday, March 19 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Tuesday, May 7 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Tuesday, June 25 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Tuesday, July 10 The Best Center/GCC
Impaired Driving Pogram 6 pm
1 College Dr. Batavia, NY

Check back often to view other events.

Justin and Sheriff David V. Cole
 June 2, 2014 Stop DWI Award 
Steuben Co., NY

Just a few of our hosts:

Batavia High School (Batavia, NY)
Canandaigua Academy (Canandaigua, NY)
Geneseo HIgh School (Geneseo, NY)
Bloomfield High School (Bloomfield, NY)
The Vanguard School-Franklin (Rochester, NY)
Alexander High School (Alexander, NY)
Notre Dame High School (Batavia, NY)
Pavilion High School (Pavilion, NY)
Caledonia-Mumford High School (Caledonia, NY)
Wheatland-Chili High School (Scottsville, NY)
Churchville-Chili High School (Rochester, NY)
Batavia High School (Batavia, NY)
Dansville High School (Dansville, NY)
Perry High School (Perry, NY)
Greece Arcadia High School (Rochester, NY) 
Greece Odyssey High School (Rochester, NY)
Dundee High School (Dundee, NY)
York High School (Retsof, NY)
Lyons High Scholl (Lyons, NY)
Keshequa High School( Nunda, NY)
Mt Morris High School (Mt. Morris, NY)
The Harley School (Rochester, NY)
Finger Lakes DDSO (Rochester, NY)
The Hickok Center For Brain Injury (Rochester, NY)
York HS's Teen Driver Safety Day (Lakeville, NY)
American Rock Salt Safety Training Day (Mt. Morris, NY)
Stop DWI Monroe Co. (Rochester, NY)        
Stop DWI Steuben Co. and
Steuben Co. Youth Drugs & Alcohol Seminar (Bath, NY)
Naples High School (Naples, NY)
4-H Cornell Cooperative Extension (Mt. Morris, NY)
Stop DWI Yates Co. (Penn Yan, NY)
Genesee Community College (Batavia, NY)
Genesee Community College (Dansville, NY)
Bath/Haverling High School (Bath, NY)
Campbell-Savonna High School (Campbell, NY)
Dogwood Day Services (Dansville, NY)
Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (Mt. Morris, NY)
Letchworth High School (Letchworth, NY)
Notre Dame High School (Batavia, NY)
Oakfield-Alabama High School (Oakfield, NY)
Penn Yan Academy (Penn Yan, NY)
Scio High School (Scio, NY)
Silver Lake Day Services (Perry, NY)
Wayland-Cohocton High School (Wayland, NY)
Yates CO STOP-DWI (Penn Yan, NY)


From Genesee Community College Students, 
Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Mr Myers Class:

" . . .  (I) admire how you turned such a catostrophic event in your life into a learning experience for the rest of the population . . . I think your presentation should be seen by all high schoolers, everywhere . . . " (Patricia Cole).

" . . . I think it is wonderful that you don't let what happened to you stop you from spreading your message . . . No one will ever undertand the full extent and send a more powerful messase about impaired driving and its consequenses . . . "(Kristen).
- - - - - 

"I've never seen another human being be so brave to own up to (his) mistake and use it to help influence others to make the decision not to drink and drive . . . you have changed my mindset and I will gladly be an "ambassador" and pass your message onto my peers to tell your story as you would want it told"(Taylor).
- - - - - 

 "It was a pleasure meeting you and your assistant. Your presence and message were powerful and a timely one. The last class in our Drinking and Driving Prevention Class is one for reflection and for making a plan to not repeat as an offender. I hope that you will be willing and able to present again in the future."
Ray Chaya, The Best Center Genesee COmmunity COllege Batavia, NY
- - - - - 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent presentation that (you) put on for the Way-Co. Summer Driver Ed. Class. The feedback from the students was very positive and was something that they won't soon forget. Regarding other presentations, prom season comes immediately to mind...Again, many thanks for your effort to spread this important message."      Terry Brown, (teacher)
- - - - - 

"I would like to personally than you for speaking at our "Student Drugs and Alcohol Seminar" held here at the Public Safety Building on March 5, 2014. . . . The surveys indicated that they (students) were very interested in your story. I believe it's very effective for the students to see first-hand the experiences you have been through.   Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and sharing your story with our youth."
              David V. Cole, Sheriff, Steuben County, New York
- - - - - -

"Thank you so much for coming and giving us the opportunity to hear your story. The way you spoke to us was very genuine and personal and we really do appreciate it. Your presentation certainly taught us a lot and made us reconsider the choices that we make. You are a very special person and we are glad that you are using your experiece to educate others. Thank you again!"   Livingston Co. 4-H Teen Council: Celeste, Cali,  Patty, Loretta, Michael,
                          Anna, Megan, Steven, Gorden, Mary Ann (Educator)
- - - - - 

"You presented a great DVD. The pictures before and after the incident meant a lot. It was great to have the time for questions. The message is very powerful and the students love your attitude and willingness to make a trip to our school."

Paul Lubberts, Health Teacher, Bloomfield H.S., NY
- - - - 


Arrival is usually 20-30 minutes prior to an event.

At times, access can be challenging and time consuming.

Waiting backstage for an introduction gives us a chance to mentally focus on our purpose.

Getting acquainted with our audience puts all of us at ease.

Sometimes, a dear friend joins us to share his  place in JAR's story.

       We dedicate this part of our presentation page to 
Mr. Jack Wrait, Justin's former highschool basketball and tennis coach, who died about a year after his visit with us. Justin will always be grateful to Jack for his coaching and his friendship. 

Sometimes we invite a longtime friend to jtell his or her part in JAR's story.                                        
              Jack shared not only what it meant to have a well rounded athlete to coach, but how Justin's personality and  spirit made him an exceptional team player.                  Jack also told us he was inspired to name his son after Justin. 

       Justin invites his audiences to ask whatever they need to know to understand and remember his story.


       "Think Before You Drive or Ride ." 
Thank You to John Cottone of Images Photography for documenting Justin's presentation on his website. See more of John's work at


     To contact Justin for more information or to book a date for a presentation, fill in the contact form on the next page. You may also:

                call:    585-245-4416 (Justin's assistant, Julie) 
                mail:   13 Genesee St.
                            Mount Morris, NY 14510
     Be sure to provide complete emails, addresses, phone numbers and the best time to reach you at those numbers. And, mention the type of group you represent BEFORE pressing the SEND button (ex:  health class, youth group, drug rehab support group).     
     If you do not receive a response within three business days, please try again, in case of technological difficulties.
                     Thank you for visiting.
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