Think Before You Drive or Ride -  An alcohol awareness presentation by Justin A. Randall, Jr.
JAR      My name is Justin A. Randall, Jr., but family and friends call me JAR. I hope you will too. Not just because it's a nickname I like, but because after reading about what I do you'll consider me a friend who cares about you and wants the best for you. 
     When I was 21 years old, I survived an alcohol related car crash. As a result, I live life from a wheelchair unable to walk, speak or, use my left arm. I am not looking for your sympathy. What I do want is for you to benefit from my experience and to spare you the pain and heartache my family and I lived through. By sharing my story, I accomplish my goals through these presentations:

  • "Think Before You Drive" tells why alcohol and driving are not a safe choice for all audiences.

  • "Goin' to the Dance" focuses on the importance of celebration in the lives of people. And, why using alcohol and drugs are not "the life of the party".

  • "Just Like Me" Did you ever wonder what disability feels like? What are hidden disabilities? An interactive presentation is tailored for specific age groups. Your group is asked to provide the supplies used with your members.

  • "The Good Sport", addresses athletic teams and their need for good decision making on and off the field. What does it mean to be a "Good Sport". Information is shared about JAR's experience with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and how TBI is a concern for everyone.
         With the help of my assistant, staff person, and a DVD which shows what it cost me and my family when I decided to drink alcohol and drive, I present my story. I'm not out to spoil anyone's good time. I don't judge people who drink alcohol. 
         I do make a point of sharing with people who use alcohol that each person has anobligation to the society he/she lives in to consume alcohol in a responsible manner. I want to help audiences understand that alcohol related vehicle crashes are NOT accidents. They are incidents that are 100% preventable!
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